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Creating an eCommerce solution
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How Ocean Executive Works

About US

At Ocean Executive, we are pioneering a robust platform where seafood professionals of all sizes can compete and win.
Our goal is not to just retool the old process but to reinvent it

At Ocean Executive, we understand the ever-changing markets of the seafood industry. With decades of experience under our belts, we live and breathe the nuances of the industry.

We've examined the current seafood industry and believe there is a need for a centralized marketplace that offers a live, transactional spot market providing seafood professionals with the ability to post buy and sell auctions twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.

The Ocean Executive marketplace is user-generated data for a wide range of seafood species and specifications. Through our data analytics the Ocean Executive user will be able to take advantage of price discovery at their specified trading locations, through our easy to navigate dashboard. Our unique service provides increased buying & selling efficiencies for users and gives them a better idea of prices and volumes traded in the global marketplace, leading to improved business practices and increased profits.

Ocean Executive’s platform offers both an open bilateral bid/offer exchange and private auction marketplace.  Our platform provides an e-Commerce solution for all seafood companies in the supply chain; from the fishermen and processors who pull the product from the water and package it, to the wholesalers, distributors, traders, brokers, and foodservice companies that deliver those finished goods to grocery stores, retailers and large restaurant chains.

We are going to revolutionize the seafood industry with technology and create a new way of doing business making it easier, more transparent and more profitable to buy and sell seafood.

Mission & Vision

At Ocean Executive, our mission is to provide a reliable, efficient and secure global online marketplace that enables economic opportunity for seafood professionals around the world.

Our vision is to pioneer a seafood community built on commerce, sustained by trust, and inspired by opportunity. Ocean Executive brings seafood professionals together every day on a local, national and international basis through a professional and secure trading platform.

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We are driving technology advancements that will deliver the next generation of commerce to the seafood industry.
Reporting & Management

Our technology advancements allow you have immediate access to market information and industry trends at your finger tips.


We understand how important security & privacy are to you. Protecting your privacy and safeguarding your business information is our highest priority.


A robust platform that is fully customizable, allowing you to create a workstation that is tailored to your business requirements.

Access to customers

We have pioneered new ways for seafood professionals to expand their reach by connecting you with companies from around the globe.

Connecting Seafood Professionals
From Around the World

Help shape Ocean Executive

Ocean Executive is excited to announce the launch of our private, online marketplace at the North American Seafood Expo.
The future of fish is sea-commerce.

We give you the ability to buy and sell
Anything, anytime, anywhere

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